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The Blue Marble Silver Cornet Band is an authentic New Orleans Marching Band that revives the original jazz as played by the Brass bands in New Orleans in the years 1900-1920. A jazz-style played with feeling, emotion and passion. 


The band was founded in 1984, in jazz town Breda (The Netherlands) the naming is twofold:

“Blue Marble” is a quote from John Glenn, looking down on earth from the Friendship-7 capsule: “Look at her, that big Blue Marble unsuspended in the black universe “

The second part has a more musical background: By the year 1900 many towns and villages in the south of the USA had a Silver Cornet Band; orchestras that were contracted to add lustre to many (outdoor) events, as fancy-fairs, picnics, weddings and others festivities, even funerals.


The Blue Marble Silver Cornet Band has, during her existence, harvested much praise, admiration and enthusiasm. Not only in The Netherlands but also in surrounding countries as Germany, Belgium, France, Poland, Switzerland and Lithuania.

The instrumental cast and uniform dress match, as much as possible, the examples from the New Orleans tradition as seen from the Olympia Brassband and Eureka Brassband and the Young Tuxedo Brassband.


We, musicians and lovers of the authentic New Orleans Jazz, are convinced that making your acquaintance with the Blue Marble Silver Cornet Band will be a pleasant and inspiring experience for you.



Looking forward to meet you somewhere on this Blue Marble…

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